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An Overview of our Padlock solutions

We offer the World’s largest CyberLock-enabled Padlock selection.

Time-restricted and auditable entry into Padlocks is a great use of the CyberLock capability.  Control and monitor access anywhere in the World.  We offer an extensive range of CyberLocks to suit any application.  Shackle thicknesses from 5mm to 14mm, with Open and Protected Shackle body designs, can all be supplemented by several CyberLock options.  We can fit KIK or Oval cylinders, or even custom-made designs.   We also offer a range of Padlock accessories.   Take a look around, and if you have any questions we will be pleased to assist you.

A Flex 2 Door Controller

Here are some of the Padlock Solutions

CyberLock-enabled Padlocks bring extra security capability to organisations.  For those who need to control access at remote locations, these Padlocks will meet your needs.  CyberKeys can be enabled for use just when needed (between certain dates or certain hours), and they can be updated remotely.   All you need to do is decide the strength and style of Padlock you need.  This includes Shackle Thickness, Shackle Height, Body Design, Weather resistant options, Drill Resistant options, and any accessories so the fitting meets your needs.  We can help you decide.  Just give us a call.

If you cannot see the Padlock that you need, we offer a custom design service, and the padlock you are looking for can be manufactured (if it is not already in our catalogue).