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Logistics Industry and CyberLock

Securing the Logistics Industry

When it is essential to know that transported goods have not been tampered with, CyberLock brings a unique capability. Whether transporting samples, medicines, high value goods, data storage or evidence, the containers sealed with CyberLock will remain closed until they reach their intended destination. The Key that opens the locks can also travel with the goods – it just will not work until activated.

Drill Resistant Camlock

FlashBox is a heavy-duty lock box designed to facilitate convenient mobile access for temporary and one-time users. Patented serial optical communication technology allows users to open FlashBox without an app, using the display screen of a web-enabled device. Send a text or email to a friend, neighbor, visitor or family member granting them duration limited access to the contents of the box. FlashBox makes it easy to manage keys, RFID cards, key fobs, and more.