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Improved Key Control requires exceptional communication.

Resilient Electronic Key Management goes much further than an exceptional Key and Lock, but also the Management Software that establishes the parameters to be set in the Keys and Locks and the communicator devices to remotely update these devices. The CyberLock system has been built upon the foundations of ease of use and operational resilience. Communicators provide this resilience, with an ability to securely update CyberKeys in several ways. These include Infra Red, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, LAN and WAN. The CyberLock system stands apart when it comes to key control and management options. CyberLock has a solution whether staff carry keys with them continuously or they occasionally use and return them. The automated process for controlling these keys streamlines manual and time consuming administration.

Here are some of the CyberLock Communicators

Communication devices provide a the link back to the Management Software. These devices securely authenticate and program keys whilst also collecting audit trail information. There are low cost solutions that connect to a PC, or solutions that can install on walls or even outdoors. There is a range of key cabinets and safes, ideal for keys that are regularly issued and returned.

The exceptional power of Communicators is not just in their ability to program Keys, or keep the firmware in Keys and Locks at up to date security levels. The real power is the ability to provide off-line options – such that if the internet becomes unavailable, your system will continue to operate within controlled parameters.