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The CyberLock Access Control Range

The Access Control Range includes CyberLock, FlashLock, Flex and Smart Cabinets.

This short overview of the Product types will give you an insight into the unique and expansive nature of the CyberLock range.  It is much more than a powerful collection of smart keys and locks – but includes the components to allow you to manage access control throughout your bisioness – whether it is located on one site or numerous businesses, divisions and departments throughout the Globe.

The entire range is designed and manufactured by Videx Inc, in the USA.  It is brought to local markets through trained and experienced resellers.  As a Platinum Level Distributor for the CyberLock Range, the team at Sellox will be delighted to arrange a demonstration of this powerful and unique access control solution – and work with you to help improve your business controls.

CyberLock Design Service

The CyberLock Access Control Product Types



CyberLock comprises Smart Keys, Smart Locks, Smart Updaters and Powerful Management Software.   All combine to give you precise control, not available in any other system.  You will find CyberLock in Padlocks, DoorLocks, Switches, Cabinets, Drawers, Briefcases, Safes and Containers.



FlashLock is a unique concept of keyless Access Control that uses smartphones as the emans of controlled entry through Key Boxes, DoorLocks and Padlocks.


Flex adds the capability to control access through electronic doors, as well as remotely control lighting, cameras, alarms and other devices – at remote locations.  It adds this Flexibility to the CyberLock range.

Cabinets and Vaults

The auto-vend Cabinet and Vault range allow a major reduction in the number of CyberKeys used, giving job by job control, whether local or remote.

CyberKeys are used like a conventional key. They open locks. These keys have no cuts, but three contact pins, as used in every CyberLock.  The key is completely programmable in terms of the locks it may open, and when.  It can be refreshed with new permissions as needed.

CyberLocks are the family of over 400 electronic locks, switches and checkpoints.  They are the same dimensions as the mechanical locks they replace, making them suitable for doors, cabinets, cupboards, drawers, briefcases, safes and virtually anywhere else a mechanical lock is used.

Communicators provide the link between the permissions set in the management software and the CyberKeys used in the field.   There are options to update CyberKeys using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infra Red, USB, Keypad, Vault and Cabinet.  They also can authenticate the user with a PIN requirement if needed.

CyberAuditWeb software is used to manage People, Locks, Keys, Communicators and Reports.  It is intuitive, flexible and powerful, having been refined over 20 years.  As a secure web based platform, the software can be set-up as a cloud-based solution and be available for operation within a short time.

CyberLocks come in all shapes and sizes, each designed to easily replace your existing mechanical lock.  No wiring is involved.  Once CyberLock is in place – you control who can enter, and when.   In addition, we offer extended facilities to manage your business.  These include Job Control, Card-based Access, Automatic Notification of Events and a Software Integration Service.   The broad product families are shown below.

CyberLocks – No Keyway, Total Access Control

Item Shows: CL-OVLI

This is part of the Scandinavian Door Range that includes internal and external cylinders, with drill resistant and weather-proofed options.

Typical Uses

  • Entry Doors

  • Crash Gates

  • Utility Stores

  • Equipment Cages

CyberLock Camlock

Item shown: CL-C6N


One of several Camlocks that range in size from 19mm to 25mm, with standard or drill resistant options, these cylinders help to protect access to mobile assets such as briefcases, as well as cabinets and drawers.


  • Cabinets

  • Containers

  • Briefcases

  • Switches

Euro-profile Door Locks

Item Shown: CL-T7H

From Residential to Corporate offices the Euro Profile range of CyberLocks brings a new capability in access control  Available as Half, Full and Double variants the CyberLock range is used world-wide.


  • Residential

  • Corporate

  • Display Units

  • Retail Units

Our Service

The Team at Sellox is enthusiastic to help you get the best from your investment in CyberLock.

We offer the following range of services to assist you.

We listen to the nature of your challenge and use our 20 years of experience to help identify the best options for you.

If CyberLock is right for you, we will help design your total solution, both hardware, and software.

Before any new  solution is implemented, we take care to ensure all users are familiar with the new CyberLock solution

We will provide a quotation for all hardware and services, again with service agreements.

Trainers, Designers, Implementors, Project Managers and IT Resources all combine to bring you the optimum solution.

This is your solution – for your business.  We help you to achieve your goals.

Start your CyberLock journey today.

Give us a call to schedule your CyberLock appraisal

  • +44-1273 741528


Here is what our satisfied clients had to say about our services:

Sellox and CyberLock help us to protect over 4,000 pupils every day, supervised by over 300 staff with controlled access to over 700 classrooms and facilities.  We have used CyberLock for over 10 years.

Simon Bent

We have used CyberLock to control access to highly sensitive facilities, geographically spread throughout Oxfordshire, with a wide range of Cyberlocks and update facilities.  We rely on this system.

Trevor Varney

CyberLock has enabled us to redesign our approach to service management at remote locations, improving response times and saving costs.

Ed Meijer

Security at our many national and overseas retail stores has been significantly enhanced by CyberLock, with excellent service and support by the team at Sellox.

Kate Lewis

We have demanding schedules which require regular changes in access permissions, and CyberLock enables this. Highly recommended.

Kelly Johnson

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