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An Overview of the Powerful Flex Solution

Flex 2 brings real-time door control – anywhere it is needed.

Flex 2 supplements the power of CyberKey and CyberLock – allowing control over wired doors, cameras, switches, and alarms – anywhere in the World.   By removing the usual limitations of wired systems, you can now manage entire geographically dispersed estates from a central location.   Delegate administration to where it is best suited – and monitor effectiveness globally.   Each Flex 2 controller can manage up to 32 doors, and access can be granted by PIN, CyberKey, Card, Phone or Fob.   Grant temporary access – or allow free flow between certain hours.  Implement higher security check areas with ease.   We believe that Flex 2 represents the next generation of door controllers, and invite you to take a deeper look.

A Flex 2 Door Controller

Here are some of the Flex 2 Solutions

Flex 2 expands the capability of the CyberLock platform so that you can control those areas of business where a large number of persons need authenticated access.  Doors typically secured with Door Strikes or Maglocks – or even cameras, lighting, and switches – can all be remotely managed using the CAW Management Software. The new Authenticator unit is a multi-purpose device allowing users to use Fobs, Cards, Phones, or even some of the Generation 2 CyberKeys to identify themselves.

The exceptional power of Flex 2 is not just in the ability to administer higher security where it is needed. The real power is the flexibility to unite a range of powerful business solutions in one platform that has the resilience to handle off-line situations – such that if the internet becomes unavailable, your system will continue to operate within controlled parameters.