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Press Releases


We recognise that not everyone needs a versatile CyberKey all of the time.   Keys may need to be shared – but also configured to reflect the access permissions of the holder.   This is easily achieved through our range of Vaults – with Twenty Key, Two Key and single Key versions available.    The latter can store a Key at an outside location.   Each of the Keys stored is perfectly safe – since none will operate until they have been configured to meet the needs of an authorised user.  They must insert a Job Number and PIN (optional but recommended) – at which time the door will open, and the relevant Key to be taken will flash its LED.  We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Vault 20 design with a clear door – which is especially useful when securing mechanical keys inside.   For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CyberKey Vault 20


CK-GO is now shipping.  This is the latest in Generation 2 CyberKey range enabled with low energy Bluetooth, and features fully encrypted Bluetooth communication.   Other Keys include the CK-BLUE 2 and the CK-BLUE 3.  Each of these Keys may be re-programmed conveniently from an authorised Mobile Phone as circumstances demand.  Perfect for this with a dynamic schedule – and the need to keep access permissions within the Key very tight.


The CyberLock platform continues to become more powerful – and user-friendly.   We are pleased to announce the award-winning option of Dynamic Tags, a powerful feature that enables improved and automated management of large databases.  Additionally, CAW now supports the full mapping of all hardware (such as locks and communicators) with the precise location easily obtained for a mobile phone when conducting an audit of assets. Other improvements to the management software include a greater variety of Report options, the Notebook (to allow free format recording of relevant extra information such as installation details or audit inspections) and a more powerful Email Reporting facility.

We are also pleased to announce a variety of new Hardware – including Flex 2 for the control of electronic doors at remote locations.   For further details, just contact us at [email protected].



This has been an exciting year for CyberLock developments. The newly released CAW 9.3 platform now includes strengthened WiFi Management (for WiFi enabled hardware), as well as contactless FlashLock hardware and support for the latest Generation 2 CyberKeys. The latest of these is the CyberKey Blue 3 with the very latest Bluetooth 5 technology, as well as RFID contactless communication (FlashLocks) and integrated USB charging.

We are pleased to announce that all existing AK-01 Keypads will now also update Generation 2 CyberKeys, but the newly release AKG2-01 does so with greater speed (supported by the AHG2-01 Hub). For further details, just give us a call.


CK-Air2 is now shipping. This is the very latest in Generation 2 CyberKey range, and features fully encrypted WiFi communication, such that the Key may be re-programmed automatically with new tasks as circumstances demand. Perfect for this with a dynamic schedule – and the need to keep access permissions within the Key very tight.

WiFi CyberKey