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Press Releases



This has been an exciting year for CyberLock developments. The newly released CAW 9.3 platform now includes strengthened WiFi Management (for WiFi enabled hardware), as well as contactless FlashLock hardware and support for the latest Generation 2 CyberKeys. The latest of these is the CyberKey Blue 3 with the very latest Bluetooth 5 technology, as well as RFID contactless communication (FlashLocks) and integrated USB charging.

We are pleased to announce that all existing AK-01 Keypads will now also update Generation 2 CyberKeys, but the newly release AKG2-01 does so with greater speed (supported by the AHG2-01 Hub). For further details, just give us a call.


CK-Air2 is now shipping. This is the very latest in Generation 2 CyberKey range, and features fully encrypted WiFi communication, such that the Key may be re-programmed automatically with new tasks as circumstances demand. Perfect for this with a dynamic schedule – and the need to keep access permissions within the Key very tight.

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