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Easy to install, since no wiring or power is required

CyberLock is the next generation in access control that secures, controls and audits all assets, from the front door to remote locations.

CyberLock cylinders are easy to install. They have the dimensions of the mechanical locks they replace. No wiring is needed, so you have complete flexibility over the areas which you need to be secure, both indoors and outdoors. CyberLocks are available for doors, cabinets, safes, padlocks and many more.

Traditional access control is centred at the external perimeter doors of buildings. Swipe cards and proximity readers are an ideal solution when many people need controlled access in a short time. Once in the building, access control is normally less suited to a wired solution. Power rooms, server racks, telecoms cabinets, storage areas, generator equipment, stock rooms and confidential documents in filing cabinets often rely on mechanical keys, for which the problems are well known. CyberLock fills this gap in access control.

CyberLock with CyberKey

With a CyberLock system, it does not matter where the lock is – electronic access control is possible. Unlike mechanical locks, CyberLocks cannot be picked or bumped. Cylinders have no traditional keyway which also protects them from environmental factors. The stainless steel front prevents corrosion. For high-security applications, locks can be provided with a certified drill-resistant core. Even though CyberLocks may look the same, each one is encrypted with its own unique electronic identity. This provides clear control over which lock, site or asset can be accessed, and at what time. CyberLocks also record key transactions, including authorised and denied access events. The audit records also include the Key ID, time and date.

CyberLocks can disable lost or stolen keys. If a key is flagged as lost or stolen a CyberLock can instantly disable the key on contact. Internal and external theft or abuse can be mostly eradicated, where CyberLocks act as a deterrent due to their recording capability.

CyberLock technology provides accountable access control for any industry or sector that needs to secure, control and audit assets

By eliminating the wire between the lock and the managing software, CyberLock can be installed virtually anywhere. The convenience of a mechanical key system plus the access permission and tracking capability of an electronic access control system come together with CyberLock.

Securing an office door with current access control technology is easy. However, conventional cabled access control is not practical for controlling access to remote assets, like sub-stations, data centres, vending machines or even the service rooms of large buildings.

CyberLock finally breaks this either/or choice. CyberLock provides a controlled the master-key ability.  What’s more, CyberLock retrofits into most existing locks and complements any existing access control system by extending your control to virtually every door.  That’s why CyberLock truly is the next generation in access control — able to secure, control and audit any asset from an office door to remote or mobile assets.