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The CyberLock product range is dynamic. Innovation, creativity and the challenges of Customers have always been the impetus for continuous improvement – in the CyberKeys, the CyberLocks, the Communicators and the CAW software. On these pages you will find a short insight into latest developments. Our Customers receive a regular Newsletter with greater detail.

WiFi CyberKey

CyberKey Air2

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Air2 WiFi enabled CyberKey gives many of the benefits of a fully wired access control system – without the cost and inflexibility these systems involve. There are no Apps or Drivers to install. The Air2 can be set to work with many WiFi networks, including hotspots on Mobile Phones. As activity is carried out, a record can be sent to the Operations Centre – either immediately or after a pre-defined interval. If new permissions need to be added to the Key, this can be dome from the CAW platform or our Management App, allowing updates as needed. Call us for more details of Air2 – our latest Generation 2 CyberKey.

CyberKey Flash

The CyberKey Flash is a Generation 2 CyberKey with powerful features that include Bluetooth, RFID and Optical communication facilities. Load the Key with the capability that you need – using the display to activate your chosen options as well as get feedback on activity. This includes Clock functions, Beeb functions and Audit feedback.


CyberKey Blue2

This Generation 2 CyberKey is regarded by many users as indispensible. Certainly it has impressive credentials and capability. Activate and deactivate the Key easily, with full PIN control. Update with new permissions whenever needed. Protect the Key with additional activation features, and locate the Key if mislaid with a handy Beep function. This Key redefines the way that mobile employees and contractors interact with company assets. The cost reduction in the logistics of traditional access management has taken a massive step forward with Blue2.