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Transforming Customer Service with CyberLock

Accessing remote highly-sensitive assets secured by a traditional lock and key is inefficient, costly and time-consuming. Storing and cataloging the Keys, issuing them, tracking them and booking them back takes time, and provides no evidence of when the assets were last serviced and by whom. CyberKey Blue2 has changed that – both for our engineers and our clients. All engineers now carry the Blue2. It can be remotely re-programmed to visit just the sites that are needed, for the hours needed. Amazingly simple to manage and use.

Transforming Office Management

The new ValidiKey range has already transformed Key Management for several organisations. The feature that emerges as most popular isd the Key that belongs to no-one, and which does nothing! This means any authorised person can use it – simply entering their Job Code and PIN. After that, they update the Key in the WiFi connected update station – and the Key becomes theirs for the duration of their task.

Caseva High Security Cases

Used within Police, Government and Industry, the Containers and Cases from Caseva are available with conventional Keys and Locks, but also available with CyberLock Access Control. With over 20 years of experience in working together, the team at Caseva will be delighted to show you the benefits that CyberLock brings to their entire range of security products.

Caseva Briefcase
CyberLock Briefcase

Imsec Pioneers A New Tube Range

Security experts Imsec, based in Switzerland, have a long association with CyberLock solutions, and they are already installed in several unique applications to service local clients. This range is set to expand with the launch of a new Controlled Tube range, with sizes to accomodate Access Cards as well as Mechanical Keys. Controlled access to property by Fire and Emergency services is a necessity, and the CyberLock solution adds both accountability as well as improved monitoring of emergency access. Contact us for further details.

Hockey Puck Padlock

Improved Secure Gas Distribution

Ensuring that gas is securely distributed to remote locations throughout the Country is a challenge that needs to ensure access is only granted to authorised engineers. The Certification credentials within CyberLock ensure that compliance with business security needs, and the off-line capability also means that there is no reliance on telecoms signals. Contact us for further information.


Preventing Tractor Theft

Blockshaft with a mechanical Key is used to disable the steering on Tractors, preventing their theft. CyberLock goes one stage further – helping to disable the electrics and also time restricting access to the vehicle. Impossible to illegally duplicate the Key – buty easy to make as many legitimate Keys as are needed. Call is for further information.

Simple Key Management

Though CyberLock helps reduce the number of Keys in circulation, in the early days of a transition, mechanical keys will exist in abundance. Simply their managment with this simple 20 Key Cabinet – that features true access control. Authorised users may retrieve Keys, leaving their tag to let others know that thay have them. The Tag is retrieved as the Keys are returned. Simple. Effecvtive.

Simple Key Control