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CyberLock Cylinders – Wire-Free Access Control

CyberLock brings controlled access – anywhere it is needed.

CyberLock brings controlled access where it is needed.  No wiring is involved.   We offer over 400 CyberLock cylinders that easily replace your existing mechanical locks.   Fitting a CybertLock cylinder usually takes just a few minutes.   We can supply EuroProfile, Scandinavian Oval, Rim, Mortise, Camlock and Switch locks – as well as many Swiss, French, German, and other cylinders typically found within properties.     We offer both Standard Cylinders as well as a much wider range of Made to Order CyberLocks.

Standard CyberLocks are typically held in stock for immediate delivery.   Made to Order CyberLocks are often also held in stock, but sometimes are ordered to meet a large demand.   The larger the order – the bigger the discounts we can offer.   We have customers with over 10,000 CyberLocks used daily on a Worldwide basis.

We show you a few of the CyberLocks on these pages – and Registered users have access to more products as well as products specifications, use-cases, and installation guides.   Thank you for looking around our site.

A Flex 2 Door Controller

Here are some of the CyberLock Cylinders

CyberLock Cylinders help overcome one of the security challenges in large businesses.   If you have too many keys in circulation, and no idea who is entering your property and when – then CyberLock will appeal to you.  Imagine the benefit of a single Key for all of your locks.  Consider the benefit of you deciding which locks can be opened and when.  Then consider the benefit of being able to respond to changing needs – instantly.   No more Key cutting.  No more hoping that you got it right.  CyberLock cylinders are available to help you take control like never before.   As you look around the site you will also see that CyberLock also enables you to control access through wired doors – wherever they are located.   Flex 2 is the solution you are looking for if this is important to you.

Here we show you just a few of the 400+ CyberLock cylinders that can all be opened, under your control, with a single CyberKey.  If you have a specific type of lock that needs consideration, just get in touch with us and we will give you the model number.  If it does not already exist, and it is important – then we can have it made.