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CyberLock in business

CyberLock Is Used Globally By A Huge Variety Of Businesses.

The CyberLock Next Generation access control technology is the cutting edge security solution for any industry or sector that needs a sure way to secure, control and audit assets that extend beyond the door. CyberLock is used in a huge variety of businesses around the Globe, with thousands of installations using the Generation 1 CyberKeys. With the Wi-Fi, Dual-mode Bluetooth and Flash options, Generation 2 CyberKeys bring even more solutions for those with a major challenge. Let’s take a look at a few industries – and the reasons why CyberLock is the compelling choice of access control.

Hockey Puck Padlock

Simple Key – Powerful Access. CyberLocks have no keyway so they cannot be picked. Every CyberLock has an identical connector, so adding a new lock is as easy as getting one out of the stores. The same is true of Keys. With no Keys to cut, new Keys can be issued efficiently – and set to open just the locks required, with day and time restrictions if needed. Controlled access is now available to all those areas you consider important.

Rail Industry

The Rail Industry

With remote infrastructure managed by thousands of engineers, controlled access to the sensitive assets is ideal for the CyberLock range. Whether servicing ticket machines or telecommunications, or trackside assets to station facilities, the need for flexible controlled access is easily accomodated by CyberLock.

Estate Management

Regular occupants may have their own preferred method of controlling entry to their specific property, but shared facilities that can impact on the service provided to many occupants needs more careful handling. Whether it is heating, phones, water supply, cameras, alarms or repairs, the engineers invited on site need controlled and verified access. Traditional master keys do not provide the level of time specific access that CyberLock brings.

The Education Sector

With daily attendance by hundreds of teachers and possibly thousands of pupils, the challenge of flexible access to classrooms and support facilities is often made possible by the use of master keys. Incidents that arise are difficult to pin down – since hundreds of master keys are issued. If incidents persist – and a change is necessary, then CyberLock has proven its value in many large schools. From Doors to Cabinets, Cupboards and Drawers – controlled access allows smooth running of UK schools.