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Access Control in a padlock!

Mechanical padlocks are widely used to secure gates and remote assets. Their weakness can often come down to a vulnerability in key control. A compromised key can gain access at any time and without any trace of entry.  CyberLock overcomes this fundamental weakness.   The padlock can only be opened by an authorised CyberKey, and access can be limited by date and time if needed.   Options available include open and closed shackle variants, high security (drill resistant) variants – and Padlocks designed for the harshest of conditions.

CyberLock Brass Padlock

A CyberLock padlock is different and it can transform security. A CyberLock padlock is not only intelligent but it is also part of a powerful access control system. Padlocks can be deployed almost anywhere and provide unparalleled control over access. This might include restricting access at night or on weekends. Padlocks are available in a range of size and shape, from small padlocks that are ideal for locking off electrical switchgear to high security padlocks that secure main gates or stock cages.

We offer a wide range of Padlock styles and strengths, including Open and Closed shackle designs, Brass and Stainless Steel varieties, and also CEN Level 4, 5 and 6 Security accredited Padlocks for highly challenging environments.  The Hockey Puck Padlock has no visible shackle – and the Trailer Lock provides mobile asset security.

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