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Generation 1 CyberKeys

The CK-IR7 is the most popular Generation 1 CyberKey

…. though there are many variants of these Keys, all with specialist features for demanding situations. The rechargeable CK-RXD CyberKey (and its successor, the CK-RXD2 with a USB charging and update facility) were the other most popular CyberKeys in the Generation 1 line-up.  These Keys reached the end of production in 2000, having been replaced by the much more powerful Generation 2 versions.   Further details of other Keys can be provided upon request.

Generation 1 CyberKeys have served clients reliably around the Globe since their introduction in 2000.  With a memory capacity of 3,900 records and a CyberLock capacity of 3,500 cylinders, the Generation 1 CyberKeys continue to be an integral part of the Product Range.   The line-up includes the CK-IR7 Key with replaceable battery and the CK-RXD2 with rechargeable options.