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Sellox – Your CyberLock Partner

With over 20 years of experience, Sellox is a Platinum Level Distributor of the CyberLock Products.  This means we can provide you with the complete range of CyberLock solutions – as well as help you to integrate these with your in-house management systems.  

We take care to ensure you are always using the latest versions of the CyberAuditWeb management software – so that your products remain up to date with the latest firmware and security features.  We also ensure that any integration is also capable of long term maintenance without compromise.  We work closely with the whole team at Videx Inc and CyberLock Inc to ensure new requirements are evaluated and accomodated.

Sellox is part of a world-wide network of very capable CyberLock distributors, and we work together to ensure you can gain the level of support you need in your particular region of the World.  Sellox supports many clients in mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  We also work closely with fellow Distributors in France (Keytronics) and Spain (Sicurlock).

Our Core Mission is to service our Customers with Integrity. Efficiency and Impartiality

We are passionate in our support of the CyberLock range, and will help you get the very best from your investment.

CyberLock High Security Padlocks

The Sellox Team

Sellox supports the CyberLock range with Customers in the UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, South Africa and Pakistan.  From Utilities to Universities, from Hospitals to Hotels, from Stadiums to Schools, CyberLock has a proven track record over many years.


Platimum Distributor

We look after CyberLock installation within Retail, Rail, Defence, Distribution, Utility and Education sectors.


  • Holland

  • Belgium

  • Germany

  • Denmark

Sellox Limited

United Kingdom

Platinum Distributor for the entire CyberLock and FlashLock range, with in-house IT integration facilities.


  • United Kingdom

  • Eire

  • Switzerland

  • Asia

Sellox SA

Sellox South Africa

With the expertise needed to service the huge African Continent, the team is based in Cape Town and has the experience to service local markets, where the lack of wiring and power dependeancy makes CyberLock a compelling security solution.


  • South Africa

  • inc Cape Town

  • inc Johanessburg

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