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Public Services

The Public Sector and CyberKey

The public sector includes everything from municipal buildings, libraries, hospitals and even the Police. All have found widespread use of the CyberLock and CyberKey – protecting assets whilst saving cash.

When is is important to manage access – and know who has been where and when, CyberLock allows remote buildings to be secured wuhout the need for wiring. When immediate feedback is important, the CK-Air2 brings the benefits of a fully wired system at a fraction of the costs.

CyberKey® Air 2 is a Wi-Fi enabled, programmable smart key. User permissions for accessing CyberLock cylinders can be updated via standard Wi-Fi networks, without physically connecting to a communication device. Use your existing Wi-Fi network to download audit trails, grant permissions for updates, and quickly disable a lost key. CyberKey® Air 2 allows users to update access permissions on-the-go and gives administrators access to real-time audit trails, improving accountability and efficiency.