Introducing CyberKey & CyberLock

This next generation of access control secures controls and audits all access.

CyberLock overcomes the problems of a mechanical key system, allowing the controlled access capability of a wired electronic access control system.  No wiring is required.

With a CyberLock system, it no longer matters where the lock is.  Electronic remote access control is possible anywhere in the World.

Although CyberLocks can be installed virtually anywhere, we recognise that certain locations lend themselves to hardwired solutions.  The CyberLock System allows our customers to retain the benefits of hardwired access control on high-traffic doors, turnstiles, and other entry points – all managed through the convenience of a single, powerful management system. 

Problems with mechanical locks and keys?

CyberLock Solutions

CyberKey: An electronically programmed key that overcomes the many limitations of a mechanical key. It can access a wide range of different locks, that can be individually time and date restricted. There is no limit on the quantity or design of CyberLocks the CyberKey can open. If lost – it can be disabled.

Reduced bunches of Keys

No cutting of Keys

Powerful remote control

Automated Key Control

Contractor Management

Process Automation

Cost Reduction

Efficiency Improvement

Systems Integration

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