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The FlashLock Principle

Controlled access using CyberLock is powerful and flexible -but there are circumstances where the issue of a Key (whether mechanical or electronic) is simply impractical.   Should every delivery driver to your premises have a Key or an access code?  What about the countless engineers that might need to visit your remote sites occasionally?  Or even the holiday-makers who need access to your Apartment for two weeks in the year?

FlashLock offers the opportunity to grant keyless access – using the power of a smartphone and the reach of the internet.   The operating principles are identical to CybherLock.  Access can be date and time restricted – through a variety of types of lock.  These include Lock Boxes (to retrieve mechanical keys or cards to your property), door locks and padlocks.

What makes FlashLock unique is that no pairing is involved to the Smartphone.  There are no drivers to download.  The recipient receives a text message (or email) from you to open your locks at the date and time of your choosing.   Simple but highly secure.

FlashLock Logo
FlashLock Logo
  • Controlled access without keys or cards
  • No Bluetooth pairing requirements
  • Grant instant access via text or email
  • Manage one off or routine access requests
  • Control access using flexible schedules
  • Review audit trail events and customised reports

It is now possible to send a controlled message to the smart phone of those that require access. No Apps are required and there is no pairing to setup. When the recipient clicks on the message their smart phone screen will flash. They simply hold their phone to the lock to gain access. The solution works straight away and with any smartphone.

FlashLock Mortise
FlashLock EuroProfile


Grey powder-coated cast aluminum, weather-resistant

0° to 140° F, -17° to 60° C, indoor and outdoor installation

3” W x 4.75” L x .75” D (76.2 mm x 120.7 mm x 24.9 mm)

6.6 oz. (187.1 g)

Supplied by battery that has to be replaced, typically every 12 months.

FlashLock connects to Fobs & Phones using patented Optical and RF communication.

October 12, 2017 @ 8:00 am
October 11, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
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