Catalogue Ref: CK-IR7

User key with infrared, replaceable battery and replaceable tip

The CK-IR7 helped define the CyberKey concept with its ruggedised design, flexible ability to update permissions using infra-red, and its replaceable battery (which only needs to be replaced after some 5,000 openings, or about a year in normal use).   As a Generation 1 CyberKey, the audit capacity of 3,900 records is considered adequate for most uses – and the CK-X provides expanded capacity to those that need it.

The CK-IR7 CyberKey smart key is powered by a 3-volt lithium CR2 replaceable battery and is compatible with all CyberLock cylinders. The off-the-shelf 3-volt lithium batteries can easily be changed in the field.

CyberKey Overview
CyberKey smart keys are designed with highly durable fiberglass-reinforced casings and are programmed with access permissions for each key holder.

CyberKey Features

  • Contains a unique ID that cannot be changed or duplicated
  • Has the ability to store thousands of access events
  • Lock ID
  • Date & Time
  • Event Type
  • Carries access schedules for the specific key holder
  • Retains encrypted access codes that bind the key to a specific system
  • Includes a battery which energizes both the key and each lock it touches


Grey powder-coated cast aluminum, weather-resistant

0° to 140° F, -17° to 60° C, indoor and outdoor installation

3” W x 4.75” L x .75” D (76.2 mm x 120.7 mm x 24.9 mm)

6.6 oz. (187.1 g)

Supplied by hub

RJ-45 for Ethernet patch cable using RS-485

Sellox Limited

March 16, 2016 @ 8:00 am
March 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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