Catalogue Ref: CK-Plus

CyberKey PLUS, Rechargeable Battery

As one of the latest Generation 2 CyberKeys, the CK-Plus is rather special.  Not only does it have enhanced memory for recording activity, but it also handles more CyberLocks (up from 3,500 to over 12,000) in a single configuration.   As a rechargeable Key, CK-Plus is ideally paired with either a ValidiKey Cabinet or Vault, and either used by a single person – or shared amongst many (each with their own individual profile of access rights).  For those who need to update this CyberKey in the move, a USB version is available (offering recharge by USB, as well as remote update).

The CyberKey PLUS is an electronic key used to operate CyberLock cylinders. It has memory that contains encrypted access codes, a list of locks it may access, schedules of authorized dates and times it may access locks, and a begin-end date range during which the key will operate. The battery from a CyberKey energizes the electronics within a CyberLock cylinder.

CyberKey Overview
CyberKey smart keys are designed with highly durable fiberglass-reinforced casings and are programmed with access permissions for each key holder.

CyberKey Features

  • Contains a unique ID that cannot be changed or duplicated
  • Has the ability to store thousands of access events
  • Lock ID
  • Date & Time
  • Event Type
  • Carries access schedules for the specific key holder
  • Retains encrypted access codes that bind the key to a specific system
  • Includes a battery which energizes both the key and each lock it touches


Grey powder-coated cast aluminum, weather-resistant

0° to 140° F, -17° to 60° C, indoor and outdoor installation

3” W x 4.75” L x .75” D (76.2 mm x 120.7 mm x 24.9 mm)

6.6 oz. (187.1 g)

Supplied by hub

RJ-45 for Ethernet patch cable using RS-485

Sellox Limited

March 16, 2016 @ 8:00 am
March 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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