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Communicator, USB, infrared connection

The IR Encoder 10 is a small and portable infrared device that connects to a USB port of a Windows Computer, and it works with CyberLink software to update CyberKeys that are IR enabled.   Launch the software and simply line up the key infrared port and IR Encoder 10 infrared port to begin the communication process.

Communicator Features

  • Key activity downloads and key permission updates occur simultaneously.
  • Communicator compatibility depends on the key type and version of CyberAudit software installed.
  • Several communicators offer multiple functions, such as charging the key battery or storing unprogrammed keys.
CyberKey Encoder

What makes the IR Encoder so special?

The IR-10 is small, inexpensive and flexible in its use, being compatible with Windows 95 through to Windows 10 opeating systems.   It replaces the IR-1 which reached end of life in 2017, since it was not compatible with the manner in which Windows 10 handles communication through USB ports.

What happened to the CKB-IR1?

The CKB-IR1 continues to be fully compatible with the latest versions of CAW, so that customers using older versions of the Windows operating systems (pre-Windows 10) can work as before.  They are encouraged to move to CKB-IR10 at the earliest opportunity since the CKB-IR1 is no longer manufactured.  The CKB-IR10 is much faster updating CyberKeys and the new CyberLink software is also more easily configured.


Grey powder-coated cast aluminum, weather-resistant

0° to 140° F, -17° to 60° C, indoor and outdoor installation

3” W x 4.75” L x .75” D (76.2 mm x 120.7 mm x 24.9 mm)

6.6 oz. (187.1 g)

Supplied by hub

RJ-45 for Ethernet patch cable using RS-485

July 17, 2016 @ 8:00 am
July 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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