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Bluetooth Mobile Update – enhanced

Flexibility and security are combined with the CK-Blue2 working together with the update facility that works on both Android and IOS (Apple) smartphones.  The CK-Blue2 CyberKey is astounding with its 12,000 lock capacity, each with individual date and time restrictions if needed.  The same capacility is available  in the CK-Flash CyberKey (shown right).  The secure update facility makes them both even better.   It provides the facility to enable operation of the Key when needed, and disable it when not required, improving intrinsic security.  Updates can be PIN secured.  Shared (or Job) Keys are handled easily.   If the Key is mislaid, there is even a Beep facility to help find it.

CyberLock with CyberKey

The CyberKey Blue2 is considered by many to be our most powerful and flexible CyberKey.  It allows the user to take control like never before.   Activate the Key when you wish to use it – and disable it at other times.  Update with new permissions remotely, using the elegant App on your smartphone.  Both Android and IOS are supported, using standard or low energy Bluetooth.

CyberKey Blue 2

The App which is installed on a Smartphone has special characteristics.  Firstly it is securely linked and authenticated before becoming active.  Secondly it provides control over the CyberKey Blue 2 – whether or not an active internet connection is available.  Finally – it provides valuable feedback to a User, including Battery Status, a Beep facility to help locate a misplaced Key, battery saving features as well as PIN and Job control.

July 17, 2016 @ 8:00 am
July 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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